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a person sits in bed with a tap applianceDoes snoring or sleep apnea keep you up at night? The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP) might be your key to a snore-free, restful night of sleep. It treats sleep-disordered breathing without the need for surgery, a CPAP mask, or medication and is recommended for use by the American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM). If you are searching for cosmetic dentistry in The Woodlands, TX area, including dental sleep aids, Wambaugh Dental can help.

The TAP appliance is adjustable, comfortable, and easy to use. It works by holding your lower jaw slightly forward to keep your airway open as you sleep. This simple device can make a big difference in your sleep quality and overall health.

If you’re struggling with sleep apnea or want to stop snoring, then the TAP sleep aid might be able to help. Contact Wambaugh Dental by calling 281.501.7849 to learn more about this dental device or our specialist dental products.

What Is the TAP System?

The TAP System is one of the most effective methods of treating sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. It is easier to use and more comfortable to wear than a traditional CPAP, making it a common sleep aid and snoring prevention across the globe.

The TAP sleep aid is a non-invasive appliance that you can adjust to the most comfortable and effective jaw position for you. It will hold your lower jaw in a position that prevents your jaw from falling open while you sleep, which can ensure that your airway does not collapse.

In multiple independent, peer-reviewed studies across the oral appliance market, experts have found that it can treat a wide array of symptoms. For instance, this sleep appliance has proven to be as effective a reducer of the apnea-hypopnea index as the traditional CPAP device. It is also an effective treatment for patients because they are more likely to continue using it due to its comfortable and individualized design.

Why Should You Choose the TAP Sleep Aid?

One of the primary reasons our patients like the TAP sleep aid is that it provides a comfortable and custom fit. While a CPAP is a more well-known sleep aid device, it offers a cookie-cutter approach to sleep aid. As a result, your sleep is often uncomfortable, leading to fewer hours of deep, restful sleep.

Advantages of the TAP Sleep Aid

  • Molded to your face – which ensures that you get a more restful night of sleep
  • Extremely durable – it will last for years
  • Easy to use – so you don’t have to struggle to put it on or take it off in your waking hours
  • Adjustable – even while in your mouth, it can be adjusted for fit or comfort

The TAP dental sleep aid is also considerably smaller than other common oral appliances. You don’t have to deal with a mask or straps, making this device much more convenient for travel.

How Does the TAP Appliance Work?

The TAP appliance is made up of two interconnected trays that fit over your teeth, similar to a mouthguard. These trays are held in place by a series of wires and brackets. The lower tray is adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit for your mouth.

As you sleep, the TAP appliance will hold your lower jaw in a position that prevents your airway from collapsing. Improving your sleep quality will naturally translate to improved overall health and wellness.

If you’re struggling with sleep apnea or want to stop snoring, then the TAP sleep aid might be able to help.

Benefits of the TAP Appliance for Sleep Apnea

The TAP appliance offers numerous benefits for those struggling with sleep apnea, including:

  • Comfortable and custom fit – the TAP appliance is molded to your mouth for maximum comfort.
  • Non-invasive – it doesn’t require surgery or medication, making it an appealing treatment option.
  • Convenient and portable – easily pack it for travel without worrying about bulky equipment.
  • Effective – the TAP appliance has been proven through independent research to be an effective treatment for sleep apnea and snoring.

If you’re tired of restless nights due to sleep apnea or snoring, then it may be time to consider the TAP appliance. Wambaugh Dental can help you find the right fit for your needs and provide ongoing support and maintenance for your TAP appliance.

Don’t let sleep disorders affect your quality of life any longer. Contact Wambaugh Dental today to learn more about the TAP oral appliance and how it can improve your sleep quality. Sweet dreams!

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