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/Athletes! Protect your smiles for many years and games to come! Our practice is pleased to offer our patients the most advanced line of custom mouthguards and mouthpieces with new Under Armour Performance Mouthwear.

Powered by premium Armourbite™ technology, Under Armour Mouthwear is designed to improve your overall health and prevent future dental issues, as well as improve your strength, endurance, and reaction time while reducing stress on your face and jaw.

Whether you’re looking for a mouthguard for your child starting out at his or her first pee-wee football game or a teen looking to bring their high school to glory, we can help you. Reach out to Wambaugh Dental for mouthguards and mouthpieces or our other exceptional dental services by calling our team at 281.501.7849.

How Will My Under Armour Mouthguard Protect My Smile?

Under Armour Mouthpieces offer superior protection and comfort and are made from the highest quality materials. We design these dental appliances to custom fit the shape of your smile. As a result, Under Armour Mouthpieces can relieve pressure on the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and help protect your mouth and jaw from impact. They can also prevent possible damage due to collision during a wide array of sports. 

We recommend wearing a mouthguard for a variety of sports, including:

  • Basketball
  • Field hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey

Once you receive your mouthguard, please ensure that you wear it for every practice and every game. Doing so can ensure that you avoid dental damage, which can result in costly treatments.

Are Mouthguards Only Helpful for Contact Sports?

The answer is NO. In fact, athletes of any sport should use a mouthguard to protect their teeth, mouth, and jaw from injury. Your dentist may offer a vast array of options, such as:

  • Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece for non-contact sports, including baseball, golf, tennis, cycling, and running
  • Under Armour Performance Mouthguard for full-contact sports, including football, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, and wrestling
  • Under Armour Performance Alloy Mouthpiece for ultra-durable protection in non-contact sports

Your dentist is an authorized provider of Under Armour Performance Mouthpieces and is pleased to offer patients the same mouthguards and mouthpieces used by hundreds of professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes. If you’re an athlete, give us a call and schedule an appointment for a quick, 20-minute, custom mouthguard fitting.

What Does a Mouthguard Protect Against?

When you get your Under Armour Performance Mouthguard, you’re protecting against a wide array of damages. For instance, wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth from displacement and damage. In other words, it can prevent your teeth from falling out if you get hit in the face by a baseball or basketball. The mouthguard distributes the impact over all of your teeth, ensuring that no single tooth receives the brunt of the damage. 

Your mouthguard also protects your mouth from soft tissue damage. When you get hit in the mouth, your teeth may damage the soft tissue in your mouth, resulting in a bitten lip or cheek. This injury can require stitches in some cases and plastic surgery in others. However, wearing your mouthguard protects your tongue, cheeks, and lips. 

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At Wambaugh Dental, our goal is a healthy, bright, and beautiful smile for each of our patients. If you play any sport, the best way to ensure your long-term oral health is to attend preventative dental appointments and wear a mouthguard when you are at practice and in a game. If you have questions about the benefits of wearing a mouthguard or if you’re ready to make your first appointment to get fitted for your Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece, reach out to Wambaugh Dental today at 281.501.7849, or contact us online.